Chant for Trebles

Nowadays there are a number of good resources for choir members to access recordings of Gregorian chant for the liturgical year with which to practice on their own. However, these chants are almost exclusively recorded by men's scholas. Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful thing! But for treble voices it can be beneficial to hear chant sung in their own range, especially for younger singers. It is my hope that this project will be of assistance for all those who assist at various liturgies of the Catholic Church.

-Sipkje Price

Project overview

Beginning with the season of Septuagesima, I will methodically record and upload practice videos of the chants for each Sunday of the liturgical year following the 1962 Missale Romanum. The recordings will generally be uploaded in one month segments allowing choir members ample time to practice. Once recordings are uploaded they will be archived by liturgical season in order to easily access recordings throughout the liturgical year.

Each recording will be done using the chants found on the Sacred Music page from the Institute of Christ the King's website. These chants come from the 1956 edition of the Liber Usualis. They are in PDF format, are free to all, feature full-size, large print, and are cataloged in a way that makes the chants easy to access each liturgical season. You can find those chants here

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