chant for trebles

This page features links to all of the chant recordings we have completed to date.

Each group is catalogued by liturgical season and chant title.

For chant sheet music we recommend visiting the Sacred Music page of the Institute of Christ the King

or downloading this Liber Usualis app.

Introit - Circumdederunt me
Gradual - Adjutor in opportunitatibus
Tract - De profundis
Offertory - Bonum est confiteri Domino
Communion - Illumina faciem tuam
Introit - Exsurge, quare obdormis Domine?
Gradual - Sciant gentes
Tract - Commovisti
Offertory - Perfice gressus meos
Communion - Introibo altare Dei
Introit - Esto mihi
Gradual - Tu es Deus
Tract - Jubilate Domino
Offertory - Benedictus est Domine
Communion - Manducaverunt
Ash Wednesday
Introit - Miserere omnium
Gradual - Miserere mei Deus
Tract - Domine, non secundum
Offertory - Exaltabo te Domine
Communion - Qui meditabitur
Lent 1
Introit - Invocabit me
Gradual - Angelis suis
Full Tract - Qui habitat
Psalm Tone Tract - Qui habitat
Offertory - Sacpulis suis
Communion - Scuplis suis
Lent 2
Introit - Reminiscere
Gradual - Tribulationes cordis
Tract - Confitemini Domino
Offertory - Meditabor
Communion - Intelligem clamorem
Lent 3
Introit - Oculi mei
Gradual - Exsurge Domine
Tract - Ad te levavi
Offertory - Justitiae Domini
Communion - Passer invenit
Lent 4 - Laetare Sunday
Introit - Laetare Jerusalem
Gradual - Laetatus sum
Tract - Qui confidunt
Offertory - Laudate Dominum
Communion - Jerusalem, quae aedificatur
Passion Sunday
Introit - Judica me
Gradual - Eripe me Domine
Tract - Saepe expugnaverunt me
Offertory - Confitebor tibi
Communion - Hoc corpus
Palm Sunday
Introit - Domine, ne longe
Gradual - Tenuisti manum
Tract - Deus, Deus meus
Psalm tone Tract
Offertory - Improperium
Communion - Pater, si non potest
Holy Thursday
Introit - Nos autem; Versicles
Gradual - Christus factus est
Offertory - Dextera Domini
Communion - Dominus Jesus
Psalm 22; Psalm 71; Psalm 103;
Psalm 150; Psalm 21
Good Friday
Tract - Domine, audivi auditum
Tract - Eripe me, Domine
Antiphon - Ecce lignum Crucis
The Reproaches
Antiphon - Crucem tuam
Hymn - Crux Fidelis
Antiphon 1 - Adoramus te, Christe
Antiphon 2 - Per lignum
Antiphon 3 - Salvator mundi
Vexilla Regis
Psalm 21
Easter Sunday
Introit - Resurrexi
Gradual - Haec dies
Alleluia - Pascha nostrum
Sequence - Victimae paschali laudes
Offertory - Terra tremuit
Communion - Pascha nostrum
Low Sunday
Introit - Quasimodo
First Alleluia - In die resurrectionis
Second Alleluia - Post dies octo
Offertory - Angelus Domini
Communion - Mitte manum
Second Sunday of Easter
Introit - Misericordia Domini
First Alleluia - Cognoverunt discipuli
Second Alleluia - Ego sum pastor bonus
Offertory - Deus, Deus meus
Communion - Ego sum pastor bonus

We are working to fill in the gaps from our time away from recording. Thank you for your patience! 

Fourth Sunday 
after Pentecost
Introit - Dominus illuminatio
Gradual - Propitius esto Domine
Alleluia - Deus, qui sedes
Offertory - Illumina
Communion - Dominus firmamentum
Fifth Sunday 
after Pentecost
Introit - Exaudi Domine
Gradual - Protector noster
Alleluia - Domine, in virtute
Offertory - Benedicam Dominum
Communion - Unam petii
Sixth Sunday 
after Pentecost
Introit - Dominus fortitudo
Gradual - Convertere
Alleluia - In te Domine
Offertory - Perfice gressus
Communion - Circuibo
Seventh Sunday 
after Pentecost
Introit - Omnes gentes
Gradual - Venite filii
Alleluia - Omnes gentes
Offertory - Sicut in holocausto
Communion - Inclina
Eighth Sunday 
after Pentecost
Introit - Suscepimus
Gradual - Esto mihi in Deum protectorum
Alleluia - Magnus Dominus
Offertory - Populum humilem
Communion - Gustate
Ninth Sunday 
after Pentecost
Introit - Ecce Deus
Gradual - Domine Dominus noster
Alleluia - Eripe me
Offertory - Justitiae Domini
Communion - Qui manducat
Tenth Sunday 
after Pentecost
Introit - Dum clamarem
Gradual - Custodi me
Alleluia - Te decet hymnus
Offertory - Ad te Domine
Communion - Acceptabis
Assumption of the
Blessed Virgin Mary
Introit - Signum magnum
Gradual - Audi, filia
Alleluia - Assumpta est Maria
Offertory - Inimicitas
Communion - Beatam me dicent
Eleventh Sunday 
after Pentecost
Introit - Deus in loco sancto suo
Gradual - In Deo speravit
Alleluia - Exsultate Deo
Offertory - Exaltabo te
Communion - Honora Dominum
Twelfth Sunday 
after Pentecost
Introit - Deus in adjutorium meum
Gradual - Benedicam Dominum
Alleluia - Domine Deus
Offertory - Precatus est
Communion - De fructu