crucifix adornments
adornment (n.) - a thing which adorns or decorates

Designed and hand crafted by Bill Price, each Crucifix Adornment is unique and intended to enhance the strength, beauty, and timelessness of any crucifix.

See below for the building process of a Crucifix Adornment. Click here to request a quote for your very own hand crafted Crucifix Adornment.

The crucifix

Bill and Sipkje were gifted this beautiful, handmade Italian crucifix by one of the priests who helped celebrate their Nuptial Mass. It is gorgeous all on its own, but Bill knew he wanted to make it even more special and make it the central focus in their living room.

Base adornment complete

After numerous design options Bill decided on a two part adornment. At left is a photo of the unpainted adornmentlined up under the crucifix.

A routered edge on the face of the lower piece and a routered edge on the back of the top cross piece adds layers of detail and dimension.

Primed and ready to be painted

Once the adornment was primed Bill really began to get a vision for how he saw the finished adornment coming together.

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stage one painting - done!

For this adornment Bill wanted to bring an element of gold into the design. Keeping the white border he gently spray painted a warm gold tone onto the face of the bottom adornment piece.

stage two painting - done!

Bill painted the bottom adornment piece's back and border as well as the top adornment piece with white gloss oil-based paint. This is Bill's paint of choice when it comes to woodworking pieces he wants to paint. Oil-based paint creates an almost impenetrable surface which lasts for many years without needing a touch up. Not to mention it cleans wonderfully!

The finished product

Just stunning! Request a quote for your very own unique Crucifix Adornment today!

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