Chant for Trebles

An introduction to the newest Gregorian chant resource available to the public.

Welcome! My name is Sipkje (pronounced Sip-kah). I’m the creator of Chant for Trebles, an online resource featuring full recordings of the Gregorian chant propers for the liturgical year based on the 1962 Missale Romanum for the Roman Catholic Church.

My goal for Chant for Trebles is to categorically record the full Gregorian chant Propers for each Sunday of the liturgical year based on the 1962 calendar and create practice videos for each.

The videos will feature the recordings paired with the printed version of each chant. My printed music source for these recordings and videos will be the PDFs from the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest website which are taken from the 1956 edition of the Liber Usualis. The reason behind choosing this edition of the chants is that these PDFs are clear, easy to read, and freely available to all.

Each recording is done using a high quality microphone in a real acoustic (no added reverberation) and extremely minimal editing. I have taken the utmost care to ensure these recordings are true to the printed page, accurate in rhythm, text, and tuning. In regards to interpretation, I take a relatively conservative approach. This allows each schola director to shape the chant phrases as they wish, knowing that what their schola members have learned from these recordings is a solid knowledge of the pitches, text, and a straightforward rhythmic interpretation.

Please feel free to use this resource as you see fit. If you know of others who may benefit from knowing about Chant for Trebles, please do not hesitate to send them to our website!

In future blog posts I’ll elaborate on a variety of topics pertaining to Chant for Trebles so please stay tuned for more. You may also find me writing about other seemingly random topics (like raising Embden geese!) and my husband will be here writing from time to time about his carpentry projects, farming life, and whatever else we find ourselves creating.

Thank you for joining us!

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